A note to 2600.com

The following is a note I just sent to 2600.com webmaster through their webmaster.

@2600 #JimmyLee @CNIRadio_com

Hi my husband Jim aka JimmyLee from the JimmyLee and Bambi Show on
www.CNIRadio.com has passed away.

I thought about contacting you because when we got married back in
2004, he and I were wearing our 2600 hats. We have been together since
1986 so we had 28 years together.

Jim started taking things apart as a child, and later learned to put
them back together. He learned to pick locks (all in good clean fun,
not damaging stuff), it was always about the knowledge and can he do
it. He was a true; take only pictures, [leave only footprints]* kinda of hacker. It was always
the challenge, the teaching, the learning the quest for knowledge that
drove him.

He was a brilliant man, gentle man. I can’t begin to tell you how much
I loved this man. His loss is more than I can bear.

I have put up a memorial on his vanity domain name: www.JimRadcliffe.com.

Jim was an online kinda guy. It is something he would have wanted. We
will have a local memorial service as well and will either have a live
link at the very least via IRC (irc.b2irc.net #cni) so folks can talk about
JimmyLee and share the experience. If I can, I would also like
to have a webcam of the event. It will be a small event I would
imagine. He has many more friends online than off really.

We actually met [Emmanuel]* Goldstein back in the early 2000s when we were
traveling with Dan Morgan and were in Dayton area for the Ham Fest and
Computer Show. The big one in the summer at a restaurant not too far
from the grounds where the show was being held. [They ]all sat at a table
and[Emmanuel]* said he was so quiet. But it was just that he wanted to
listen and learn from the best anything he could. He respected [Emmanuel]*
so much he wanted to let him and Dan do the talking [to learn].

I thought you would like to know.

Fran Parker-Radcliffe


* [the words were added or I messed up the spelling and had to fix. Forgive me, my brain is not working as it normally does.]

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