Email from Cousin Frank Markley

Jim’s cousin Frank and I were talking in email, below is his email response that he said I could post on Jim’s memorial site.

Hi Fran,

My most sincere condolences on cousin Jim’s passing. We were all saddened by the news. He was such a talented person in so many ways. Thanks so much for sending the address for his memorial website. I enjoyed looking at the photos and it’s a fitting tribute to Jim. I can see his mother’s eyes in the photo you chose for the top of the page. Aunt Marie was a special person, and I wish she could have been with us longer and that you would have had a chance to meet her. Mom and I were talking the other day about how you and Jim seemed to be meant for each other and how much he seemed to love the family life that you and he shared. You could hear it come through on the show each Saturday.

A few years ago Mom showed me some of your and Jim’s web pages, and I decided to give the show a listen. I think I’ve heard most of the shows since then. I’ve found something to “take home” after just about every show, along with the added bonus of “visiting” with our cousin and his wife every week. I told David about the show. He started listening too, and I was really happy that Dave and I got back into contact with Jim. I know how much of an influence Dave had been on Jim in his youth, and I know Dave has really enjoyed his talks with Jim these past months.

I’ll pass along the word to Mom and Dave that you would be interested in any photos from Jim’s childhood, and I’ll check to see if I can find any as well since we’ve been sharing old photo scans over the years.

When Dad passed away in early August, it meant a lot to all of us to hear Jim’s heartfelt tribute to him on your show. When he mentioned his mind’s image of him as a kind of Norman Rockwell dad, it made me think of a few pictures that we had that seemed to fit that image. In the process I also found an old photo of Jim. I had intended to send these three photos to Jim, and I sure wish I had sent them to him earlier. The one with Jim was taken, I would guess, around 1961 or 1962 in Aunt Marie’s front sunroom. I think it was the week between Christmas and New Year, and that’s me on the left, with Bob and Ann, and Jim in the foreground. The other two are Dad and Dave fishing and Dad and me at the Smoky Mountains (1961).

Dave and Mom mentioned talking to you, and I would like to do so soon as well. Thanks very much for sending the number. I hope you will also feel free to call me at any time.

You have been in my thoughts and prayers during this sad and difficult time.

Best regards,

Thank you Frank. It has been great talking with you, Dave and Aunt Gladys during this time. Aunt Gladys was great too because she so recently lost Uncle Frank and had some good thoughts for me to help me deal with losing Jim. Thank you Aunt Gladys. Thank you Dave for your phone conversations and Frank for your emails.

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  1. comhack

    Very nice!!

    1. Fran Post author

      Thanks. Frank, Dave and Aunt Gladys have been wonderful.