Email from Phil Austin of Firesign Theatre

This is the email that I received from Phil Austin of Firesign Theatre about Jim’s (aka ah,clem on the Firesign Theatre Chat):

From Phil Austin

You’re in everyone’s heart tonight and from now on. The best is that he’s out of pain and trouble.

Love from me and Oona

I was very honored to receive this message regarding Jim’s passing from Phil Austin. Thank you Phil and Oona for thinking of me during this devastating time. It really meant so much to me.

For those that were not aware, Jim DJ’d a radio show called, A Few Minutes with Firesign Theatre. He would play Firesign Theatre albums and skits during the weekly Firesign Theatre Chat for about 10 years. Everyone loved what he did. When he could no longer do it, another Firehead, Kurt Ericson from Austin Texas took up the torch to continue the tradition.

One thought on “Email from Phil Austin of Firesign Theatre

  1. comhack

    That is very nice Fran. I know that JL loved Firesign theater so that would of mean’t a lot to him. I did not realize that Kurt had took over the show but I am glad that he did.