Lee Crampton – OMAHD

It was great to hear from Lee Crampton one of our contributors on the JimmyLee and Bambi Show. His contributor segment was called OMAHD (One Man and His Desk).

If you have listened to the JimmyLee and Bambi Show for some time, you might have had the pleasure to hear one of Lee’s OMAHD contributor segments. He has them on the site above if you want to hear them again easily.

The following is the email he sent when he heard the sad news:

Hi Fran.

Oh I am so very sorry to have received your terrible news just a few minutes ago.

My own 58th birthday was just three days after Jimmy Lee’s passing. I feel so very bad for not having kept in touch this last couple of years so of course I didn’t know whether JL had recently been taken ill our had a progressive condition. Please forgive me for having been so wrapped up in my own life.
Ironically I had been planning a podcast for CNI. I missed taking part but have always been bound up with other things.

My heart goes out to you as I know what a great couple you were together and I can’t begin to think how desperately painful it must be for you at this time.

When the time is right and you feel able to talk I’ll be here should you feel the need. I’ll Skype you or use a good old fashioned telephone. Just let me know if you want a friendly shoulder.

I will keep an eye on that link and will keep in close touch I promise.

In deepest sympathy.


Thank you so much Lee. Your support is so important right now as is the support of all the wonderful folks; friends, family, listeners, some of whom have been with us since the beginning of CNI Radio in 2004.

I hope you can pop into chat sometime as well. I know you have been so busy for some time.

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