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Paul Star, called to let me know that with the holidays so close, he is supposed to leave, and has already left in the wee hours this morning to be with his family for Christmas and one member of the family that will be there, he hasn’t seen in many years so he is looking forward to this trip.

His only regret is that because of this trip so close to Christmas, that he would not be able to be at Jim’s Memorial today.  Don’t beat yourself up about it Paul. Jim would have wanted you to be with family!

Paul is a local musician and also a man of many talents. He plays a mean saxophone and more, and we have enjoyed going to hear him play in Virginia Beach, VA.

Below is the email he sent to me to post on Jim’s site:

Hi Fran,

I was very saddened to hear of Jim’s passing.  I am sending you thoughts of strength and healing.

You know, Jim was a soul of such calm spirit that no doubt many did not realize how truly brilliant he was.  I’ve never known anyone that had his thirst for knowledge.

Over the years Jim had answered so many questions and helped me solve so many problems that I often referred to him as my electronics guru.  I would telephone him and say “Master, it is I, Grasshopper” and I have a question.  He would laugh and of course he would always willingly give his time and expertise.

One time I remember having an amplifier that stopped working and I couldn’t figure it out so I took it to Jim.  He opened it up, plugged in a set of headphones, turned it on and began touching all over the circuit board.  In a few minutes he took off the headset, pointed at a spot on the board and said “Here is the problem, right here”.  Then with a touch of solder he had the amp working perfectly.  I love to tell this story to my friends who didn’t know Jim.  I tell them about this amazing guy I know who once laid his hands on an amp I had and healed it!

But of course Jim was more than a technical genius.  He was a man of many talents with a huge heart and a willingness to give to others with little thought for himself.  He was truly a fine Human Being and I feel lucky to have known him.  I will miss him.

Rest in peace Jim,


Thanks so much Paul for taking the time to put those words to email so we could post them here.

Safe travels my friend.

4 thoughts on “Paul Star Email

  1. comhack

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Fran Post author

      Thanks. It was an awesome email.

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