She and I…

She and I - Jim and Fran Radcliffe

 Thanks to my baby sister, Debbie, for putting that picture together.

As Pastor Dana Cook noted in the Eulogy on the 18th, we have lots of songs over our 28 years, but one that we both always felt was spot on was “She and I” by Alabama.

She and I by Alabama – Youtube

(I tried to embed that but it turned out to be huge for some reason so I am using the link)

I had to laugh when I saw this video today for the first time. We never knew they did it kinda like a spoof in the video.

We always thought that the song was for real, albeit a bit tongue in cheek, but we felt like it was like us.

Lyrics to She and I by Alabama at Google Play Store:

She and I live in our own little world
Don’t worry about the world outside

She and I agree
She and I lead a perfectly normal life
Ah but just because we aren’t often seen socially
People think we’ve got something to hide.
But all our friends know we’re just a little old fashioned
She and I

Oh ain’t that great
Aint it fine
To have a love someone that others can’t find
Aint it wonderful to know all we ever need is just the two of us
She and I
So wonderful
She and I

She and I share with every body else
The same wants, needs and desires
She and I save
She and I pay on everything we acquire

Ah but just because we aren’t often seen separately
People think we live one life.

Its hard for them to see how anyone could be as close as
She and I

We loved each other so much. No matter what was going on in our lives; sickness, health, good times or bad, our love and commitment to each other was all that mattered.

We kept each other happy and life was good.

Even the last few years after Jim got bitten by that bloody tick and developed Chronic Lyme Disease and no matter how hard things got, we still loved each other.

I never knew a man who could be so calm, gentle, devoted, and understanding and at the same time be strong, even stubborn at times in areas that he felt very strongly about. It was frustrating at times, but I would not have had him be any other way.

He was a brilliant diagnostician. He could troubleshoot any piece of electronics no matter whether it had a schematic or not as Paul Star noted in the posting with Paul’s email.  He was amazing in the way he pulled it all together to make something work again.

Jim was a person who had no single area of expertise although he gravitated to electronics, computers, networking, Linux, music, CNI Radio, and of course our relationship. Everything he did, he put his all into it.

At the same time, he was one with nature in a way so few really are. I always attributed to his Blackfoot and Cherokee parts and his Mom’s influence and just the way he wanted to be.

I am so thankful for all the years we had together. I have to say I really hoped for more time with my Jim.

I love you so much, Sweetie.  This will be the first Christmas without you since before 1986, and the first New Year without you since 1987. I miss you so….

If you have someone you love, hold them dearly, you never know how long you will have with them.  And when they are gone, it can’t be undone.

4 thoughts on “She and I…

  1. comhack

    Wow! What a great photo!

    1. Fran Post author

      Thanks! My sister did a great job with that.

  2. comhack

    Such a beautiful post!! I really miss JL as well…. 🙁

    1. Fran Post author

      Thanks Josh. I know you miss him as well. It is not easy losing such a friend.