Steve, Dee and Clay Park

Jim and I had a great visit with Jim’s childhood buddy, Steve Steed and his wife, Dee at Clay Park when we were traveling one year. If I remember correctly, this was was the last year we went camping.

Clay Park is another of Jim’s childhood fond remembrances, particularly in the Summer and swimming and playing on the rings. Steve will remember those times I am sure.

Steve and Dee were great! It was wonderful that Jim could rekindle his friendship with Steve and Dee. I also had a great time. Because of the great job Jim did at ‘storytelling’, it was like seeing long lost friends even for me. It was a wonderful time and apparently the very last year that they had a big Rock ‘n Roll concert at Clay Park. So we were lucky to have not only gotten to see Steve and Dee but also see the last concert at Clay Park.

We hung out with them all weekend and I can’t tell you what a joy it was for both of us, but for Jim it was a dream come true. He wanted so badly to link back up with his childhood buddy, Steve. Sharing life with folks is a wonderful thing. Thanks Steve and Dee for such a wonderful time. I am so glad we got to do that before Jim passed away.

I haven’t had time to do all the stories from Jim’s youth in Massillon, Ohio as yet. I have about a dozen postings started though, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. And the two amigos, Jim and Steve, will be in some of those stories.