The dark room and enlarger

Speaking of the varied interests that Jim had even as a child, Jim had his own dark room and he eventually got an enlarger too. He was in heaven.

He had some great pics that he showed me many times when we lived in Williamsburg. However, when we moved to Dendron, the envelope went missing.  Very sad since the envelope had more than the ones he developed on his own. It also had the only picture of his Mom except for the driver’s license. Sad loss indeed. There was also a lovely picture of Jim and his brother, Bob, in the fall in the forest area of Sippo Park.

Anyway, Jim’s dark room was the boy’s walk in closet that had a very convenient built-in shelf for his dark room equipment including his enlarger.

He did some fun pictures. He had one called Steve and little brother (I think that was it). It was Steve with his hand out to the side, palm up, and Jim placed a picture of Steve’s little brother, a much smaller image, that he lined up so little brother was standing on Steve’s palm. Then he developed it and it was so cute. I think most folks that did their own dark room stunts included something like that but it was fun for Jim and he was just a little kid. 😉 He also developed an image of the mantle clock as well, and many others.

He had someone else take a picture of him in his Halloween costume which was a flying saucer and he developed it.

It was just one more area of technical interest that Jim had from an early age.

It also was something that showed his eye of taking images which showed itself later in life. He took many images of flowers, the yard, moons, the family. He had quite an eye and was into photography long before I entered it with my iPhone 4S. He had a wonderful eye for taking great pictures, particularly nature pictures, yard pictures, etc. He did it so well, that he actually got me involved in photography as well.

Most of the yard pictures, camping pictures, etc. were taken by Jim.

The pictures of Jim playing guitar in the yard I took, but Jim developed them with his dark room equipment and enlarger.

I will miss pictures that he took that he took with an image in mind every time.

4 thoughts on “The dark room and enlarger

  1. comhack

    Very neat story. It seems that JL has so many talents even more than I knew. Very great stuff!! Thanks for sharing Fran! 🙂

    1. Fran Post author

      Happy to be able to share it all! He really was something special.

  2. Elizabeth

    What a shame that envelope disappeared!

    1. Fran Post author

      Yes! We looked everywhere but he didn’t realize it was gone for some time after the move. 🙁