Ice Fort and the backhoe

One year up in Massillon, Ohio, where Jim grew up, I guess they got very bored with all the snow and ice.

So, Jim and some buds wanted to make an ice fort in the parking lot of a church.

Now there happened to also be a backhoe in the parking lot as well. And Jim, at about 8 or 9 years (yes, a lot happened in the 8-11 year old life of Jim Radcliffe) old started the backhoe! He had no fear! and actually figured it out.

I guess they hoped they could use it to help them make their ice fort. Long story short, they had to do it by hand, but that was quite the story for a young child.

6 thoughts on “Ice Fort and the backhoe

  1. archian44

    WOW, he DID do A LOT in the age group of 8 – 11 that really carved out his future of being so amazing at all things “mechanical” or “electrical” In reading these stories, I have noticed one common thread, Jim’s lack of “Fear” at an early age most definitely transformed him into the amazing man he became. It fueled a thirst for knowledge that NEVER ended. 🙂 And he ALWAYS shared that knowledge. 🙂

    1. Fran Post author

      Yes, he was an amazing man. I can’t help but be thankful for him in my life.

      Jim was not afraid to do most anything. And not afraid to find out the answers he needed through library, books, people with the knowledge, whatever it took.

      It is one way he and my Dad were so much alike. They could do mechanics, electrical, electronics, carpentry, you name it, they could do it.

      1. Josh Sabboth

        Indeed!! JL was an amazing person!

  2. Josh Sabboth

    Wow, that is nuts… hehehe

    That sounds like something Jim would do..

    1. Fran Post author

      Yeah, it’s amazing that kids actually made it through childhood. 😉

      1. Josh Sabboth

        Indeed, lol

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