Massillon Ohio Storm Sewers

Jim, his buddy Steve and one or two others would take their bikes into the storm sewers that started in Sippo Park in Massillon, Ohio not far from where Jim lived. This was all before the current beautification that has gone on now. The storm sewers led out into the lower part of Sippo Lake by the dam.  As I say, that area is beautiful now, but wasn’t that way when Jim was growing up there. The would also catch crawdads too nearby and then throw them back.

These young boys would challenge themselves to go further and further into the tunnels under the city.  He would talk about the manholes they would go through. If they got too scared or their lights went out, they would go out and do a better job of getting lighting or whatever it was they needed but didn’t have last time. In time, I think Jim said the farthest they went was to the 9th manhole and they could go no further. So that was the end of their excursions into the storm sewers. He would talk about the noises they heard, the trucks, how much water was there at any given time.

Yep, excursions were never something Jim would shy away from.  In fact, he relished them.

2 thoughts on “Massillon Ohio Storm Sewers

  1. Josh Sabboth

    We did something similar when I was a kid but it was a massive drainage pipe out in the middle of the woods.

    1. Fran Post author

      Cool! Yeah, it is amazing what kids will do LOL! Well these were large enough that they could hunch over on their bikes and walk along with their bikes, except when they crossed the manholes where they had to bring boards to cross them. 😉

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