You are a song…

James Lee Radcliffe - May 17, 1956 - December 3, 2014


Jim recorded a few songs over the years. It was a personal recording. He didn’t do it as an album nor did he sell the recordings. He used them at one point as a demo tape.

One of those songs was “You are a song” that he sang to me often from the first week we met back in 1986.

As I sat here listening to this song for the second time tonight, I saw Jim sitting amongst his musical equipment singing this song, “You are a song” and the others.

You have to remember how hard this was at that time. At this time, Jim only had a reel-to-reel recorder*  with a single track to record these few songs on. So he had to have everything, literally everything from every note on the guitar, bass pedals, his voice, the words, etc. right each time he played a song he was recording,, or he would have to redo it, or accept something was not going to be perfect on it.

It showed Jim’s expertise, his amazing love of music, his patience to see something through, and his love for me.

Comhack/Josh posted it on Soundcloud and I reposted it on my Soundcloud account here as well. ‘

You are a song – Soundcloud

Thanks Josh!

Here’s Jim’s Green River:

Green River – Soundcloud

There will also be a postings about all our songs another day.

Edit:  *Jim had a very nice reel-to-reel at that time, not an 8-track as I had noted originally, although we had a 8-track recorder too a few years later.

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