Jim’s 1966 Fender Esquire

Jim Radcliffe's 1966 Fender Esquire

This is my Jim’s Fender Esquire that his Mom, Marie Radcliffe bought for him for Christmas when he was a young teen. It is also the Fender Esquire that someone tried to get Jim to sell to them back in the early 70s for $1700 while Jim was doing a gig.

It is an awesome guitar with great action (per every guitar player who has ever played it) and Jim always said it was the best guitar he ever owned or played.

As I say, Jim’s Mom Marie Radcliffe RIP bought it for him in his young teens and there has been no one else who has ever owned it. It was the only thing he wanted and his Mom saved up to get it for him.

I do not play guitar, but I know Jim would want someone to have this guitar that will appreciate it. Maybe even someone who enjoy playing it like my Jim did.

Winter Sound Music Store has it on display at their store. Here’s the info on the page (click the Esquire picture to go the the page: “1966 Fender Esquire. With OHSC $6K”

Winter Sound is a full-service music store in Gloucester Point, Virginia, established in 1985. Click here for location information for the store.

If you know anyone who would be interested as a collector, please pass the information along.

Thank you…

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