Jim’s 1966 Fender Esquire

This is my Jim’s Fender Esquire that his Mom, Marie Radcliffe bought for him for Christmas when he was a young teen. It is also the Fender Esquire that someone tried to get Jim to sell to them back in the early 70s for $1700 while Jim was doing a gig. It is an awesome guitar […]

A year already…hard to believe

It is so hard to lose the love of your life, your soul mate, your best friend and husband all in one fell swoop, but that is what happened just one short year ago now… This past year has been inexplicably the longest year, and simultaneously, the shortest year of my life. I miss my Jim so […]

You are a song…

  Jim recorded a few songs over the years. It was a personal recording. He didn’t do it as an album nor did he sell the recordings. He used them at one point as a demo tape. One of those songs was “You are a song” that he sang to me often from the first […]

My Jim would have been 59 today – Happy Birthday Jim!

My Jim, my hubby, my soul mate and friend to so many and known as Jim, JL, JimmyLee, would have been 59 years old today if he had not passed away December 3, 2014. We all miss Jim very much from local friends, to Internet friends to friends of CNIRadio.com. In chat today, Josh, Rib, Kurt, […]

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie. It is hard to believe it’s been four and a half months since you went to sleep in this world. I think of you all the time. I miss you so much. Now we are celebrating our wedding anniversary today,  April 26th. I thank God, as well as family and friends for being there […]

Massillon Ohio Storm Sewers

Jim, his buddy Steve and one or two others would take their bikes into the storm sewers that started in Sippo Park in Massillon, Ohio not far from where Jim lived. This was all before the current beautification that has gone on now. The storm sewers led out into the lower part of Sippo Lake by […]

Ice Fort and the backhoe

One year up in Massillon, Ohio, where Jim grew up, I guess they got very bored with all the snow and ice. So, Jim and some buds wanted to make an ice fort in the parking lot of a church. Now there happened to also be a backhoe in the parking lot as well. And […]

The Train Transformer

When Jim was little the family had a model train with a train transformer. He and his brother had lots of fun with that train and the transformer. I think Jim said that they would put the train around the tree at Christmas time too. Later as Jim got a bit older — ok, just a little bit […]