For the love of music

Jim was a wonderful balladeer. His best work in music was singing wonderful ballads. As my sister noted on the Memorial video, Jim had a heart that was wonderful. He sat and played songs all night to sooth our family’s souls after our Dad passed away in 2005. And he would play at home as […]

CNI Radio loses a great talent when JimmyLee passed away was made into a 24/7 radio station by Jimmy Lee. He set up the shoutcast server running at 16/11 mp3 stream so even those on dialup could listen. He played with the settings till he got the mp3 stream the best quality it could be for a talk radio show. Many folks said that […]

Memorial – December 18, 2014 – Photo Album

My sister Debbie Cook took pictures at the Memorial Service for Jim in the Chapel at the Nelsen Funeral Home. It took me a while to get them put up, but here they are: Memorial – December 18, 2014 – Photo Album I hope you enjoy the pictures of the tables for the Memorial Service […]

Bike Ride to See Cousin David in Canton at 9 Years Old

Oh, yeah, young Jimmy really did this at 9 years old on his sister’s bike. Jim and his brother Bob worked on all the particulars that would be needed to succeed with the plan; including planning the route with maps of Massillon and Canton Ohio. Jim’s bike was not in good enough shapes, so he needed […]

The Hess Mansion

There is always a “Hess Mansion” in every young boy’s life, is there not? An old presumed haunted and empty house that has a colorful past or at least there are rumors of a colorful past where young boys must investigate. For Jim and his friends in Massillon, Ohio, it was the “Hess Mansion”. They […]

How Jim’s Battery Passion Started

Jim made the mistake of doing something unwise involving electricity which scared his Mom, and he and Bob were grounded, well I guess you can call it being grounded. They were not grounded in that they couldn’t go anywhere, they just simply couldn’t plug anything in anymore to the electrical sockets. You have to understand that […]

The dark room and enlarger

Speaking of the varied interests that Jim had even as a child, Jim had his own dark room and he eventually got an enlarger too. He was in heaven. He had some great pics that he showed me many times when we lived in Williamsburg. However, when we moved to Dendron, the envelope went missing.  Very sad […]

She and I…

 Thanks to my baby sister, Debbie, for putting that picture together. As Pastor Dana Cook noted in the Eulogy on the 18th, we have lots of songs over our 28 years, but one that we both always felt was spot on was “She and I” by Alabama. She and I by Alabama – Youtube (I […]

Thank you all for everything

Howdy folks. I can’t tell you how important you all have been through all this. The support and love has been amazing. First I wish to thank Adam for starting this blog to keep everyone posted on Jim’s condition (from my text messages), so he could point to the blog when folks wanted to know […]

Jim’s Memorial Service – 12/18/2014

Yesterday we had Jim’s Memorial Service at Nelsen Funeral Home on Strawberry Plains Road in Williamsburg, Virginia. I went in early to set up the room with some small momentos, Jim’s 18″x24″ picture with the Thomas Campbell quote, and the centerpiece that I had made. The folks at Nelsen Funeral Home were amazing. They saw me […]