My Jim would have been 59 today – Happy Birthday Jim!

My Jim, my hubby, my soul mate and friend to so many and known as Jim, JL, JimmyLee, would have been 59 years old today if he had not passed away December 3, 2014. We all miss Jim very much from local friends, to Internet friends to friends of In chat today, Josh, Rib, Kurt, […]

Massillon Ohio Storm Sewers

Jim, his buddy Steve and one or two others would take their bikes into the storm sewers that started in Sippo Park in Massillon, Ohio not far from where Jim lived. This was all before the current beautification that has gone on now. The storm sewers led out into the lower part of Sippo Lake by […]

Jim’s Memorial Service – 12/18/2014

Yesterday we had Jim’s Memorial Service at Nelsen Funeral Home on Strawberry Plains Road in Williamsburg, Virginia. I went in early to set up the room with some small momentos, Jim’s 18″x24″ picture with the Thomas Campbell quote, and the centerpiece that I had made. The folks at Nelsen Funeral Home were amazing. They saw me […]

Mom learns to solder…

Jim’s Mom, Marie Radcliffe was an amazing person.  She encouraged Jim in his learning and in his pursuits in any area of science or scientific exploration as long as it was mostly safe. Jim and his older brother Bob would pour over things like the Allied Catalog that Jean Shepherd used to talk about on […]