Bike Ride to See Cousin David in Canton at 9 Years Old

Oh, yeah, young Jimmy¬†really did this at 9 years old on his sister’s bike. Jim and his brother Bob worked on all the particulars that would be needed to succeed with the plan; including planning the route with maps of Massillon and Canton Ohio. Jim’s bike was not in good enough shapes, so he needed […]

The Hess Mansion

There is always a “Hess Mansion” in every young boy’s life, is there not? An old presumed haunted and empty house that has a colorful past or at least there are rumors of a colorful past where young boys must investigate. For Jim and his friends in Massillon, Ohio, it was the “Hess Mansion”. They […]

Steve, Dee and Clay Park

Jim and I had a great visit with Jim’s childhood buddy, Steve Steed and his wife, Dee at Clay Park when we were traveling one¬†year. If I remember correctly, this was was the last year we went camping. Clay Park is another of Jim’s childhood fond remembrances, particularly in the Summer and swimming and playing […]

Taking things apart…

One of the first remembered experiences Jim told me about was when he was 4 years old. It was when they moved to the new house in Massillon, OH. If I remember correctly, Jim said that they were looking at the house before buying it, or when they were moving in, he was in the […]