Jim’s 1966 Fender Esquire

This is┬ámy Jim’s Fender Esquire that his Mom, Marie Radcliffe bought for him for Christmas when he was a young teen. It is also the Fender Esquire that someone tried to get Jim to sell to them back in the early 70s for $1700 while Jim was doing a gig. It is an awesome guitar […]

For the love of music

Jim was a wonderful balladeer. His best work in music was singing wonderful ballads. As my sister noted on the Memorial video, Jim had a heart that was wonderful. He sat and played songs all night to sooth our family’s souls after our Dad passed away in 2005. And he would play at home as […]

Paul Star Email

Paul Star, called to let me know that with the holidays so close, he is supposed to leave, and has already left in the wee hours this morning to be with his family for Christmas and one member of the family that will be there, he hasn’t seen in many years so he is looking […]

Flying with Joe

Up till 2008, every year we would travel in the summer to go camping and visit friends along the way once we started doing the JimmyLee and Bambi Show on CNIRadio.com. The tick bite in 2007 changed all that. One year during one of our annual camping travels*, we went to see Jim’s friend from […]